Museum of Ventura County

The beautiful Museum of Ventura County is the perfect place to enjoy a range of art and history exhibits, including some that are only found here in our beautiful city. With educational programs for all ages, there’s always something new waiting just around every corner at this well-known institution.

The famous Museum of Ventura County is a must-see for any visitor to the city. It features art and history displays, as well educational programs that teach you more about our community’s rich cultural legacy. A visit here will also provide an excellent opportunity to learn all there can be learned from this renowned museum.

The Museum of Ventura County began when Dr. Cephas Bard, a doctor in Pennsylvania, moved to California after the Civil War was over with an eye for collecting objects rather than money. He had this idea that there must be some kind of museum or gallery where people could come and see what life back then looked like, so he started one.

The items that Dr. Cephas Bard collected were from Chumash and historical ones pertaining to Spanish and Mexican history, which became the building blocks for what is now known as The Museum of Ventura County.

Imagine a time when people were fascinated with the unknown. A place that allowed them to explore and learn about new things without fear of judgment or ridicule from others for their curiosity–that was Dr. Cephas Bard’s goal as he opened up this museum on behalf of Ventura County citizens in 1913. Over 100 years later, we still aren’t bored enough.

The Agricultural section of the Museum of Ventura County was incorporated in 2011 with an ambitious goal to preserve history and culture by hosting events, exhibitions, or any other means. They are committed to this cause as they host many classes on different aspects related to the industry each year; these range from hands-on experiences like milk taste tests that allow you to learn more about how our food production works right down to grassroots developments such as organic gardening workshops where participants get involved at various levels depending upon their interests.

The Fine Art Collection at the Museum of Ventura County is a great place to visit if you’re looking for art that’s out-of-this-world. With more than 30 thousand pieces, it has everything from paintings by famous artists like John Nava, Jessie Arms Botke, Omar DeLeon, Beatrice Wood, and more on display all in one place.

The Museum’s Address: 100 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001.

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