Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach is a must-see for anyone looking to experience the quintessential California beach lifestyle. The natural, romantic, and wild beauty of this spot starts at West 5th Street in Oxnard, CA before extending south all along its coastline with unforgettable views that leave you speechless every time.

Located on the picturesque California coast, Mandalay State Beach is a popular ocean getaway with no amenities besides wild surf and wide-open spaces. The seasonal beach closure to protect western snowy plover nesting areas makes this an excellent place for bonding together as one family while exploring nature at its finest.

Mandalay State Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in California, with its calm waters and bright colors. It’s protected by a 92-acre tract that was transformed into state parkland to preserve wildlife habitats like mudflats and dunes from which sand can be collected for use in other parts of the country.

The stunning Mandalay Beach is a symbol of nature in its simplest form, with nothing but sand and the ocean. It’s located right next door to the large County Park, which contains some very rare and fragile dunes plants as well as wildlife, providing excellent bird watching opportunities for those who enjoy landscapes like this one.

Many birds nest at Mandalay Beach, including the Least Tern and Snowy Plover. A popular and unique spot for surfers to practice their skills is starting up north, near where you’ll find a power plant, before heading south on foot or by bike towards Oxnard beach park, which lies just across town.

The beautiful Mandalay Beach is a popular spot for day-trippers from nearby hotels and guesthouses. You can access the beach during the daytime, but you should not go into a reserved area if there are no facilities available in your own country or next door.

Mandalay Beach is a convenient destination for visitors who want an outdoor tropical experience. There are no special parking areas, but you can find them on public streets nearby and walk or travel to the neighboring beaches if needed.

It’s located close to downtown Oxnard and has great views for visitors who want an up-close experience with nature. You can find free parking on adjacent public streets or take a walk if you’re feeling energetic—there are plenty more places that offer this type of service within walking distance from your destination, too, so don’t worry about driving here just because it seems far away.

Address: N Harbor Boulevard, Oxnard, CA 93036.

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