Enegren Brewing Company

The minds (Chris & Matt Enegren and Joe Nascenzi) behind Enegren Brewing Company are dedicated to creating beers with a European flair. They use German-inspired ingredients and emphasize lager style ales for those who prefer not to have their drink temperatures rise too high or low while they enjoy it at room temperature.

Enegren Brewing Company is a lager craft beer company that specializes in many different types of seasonal and special release beers. They also have several one-off brews each year to push the boundaries for what’s possible with this style.

The Enegren Brewing Company produces six different beers, all with unique flavors to suit any palate. They have the lightest one for those who prefer their alcohol content less extravagant or women looking for something that’s not too strong but still satisfies thirsts during hot summer days. The beers include Enegren IPA, Lightest One, Schoner Tag, Lagertha, Valkyrie, and Nighthawk.

Beer is a universal language that unites us. It’s not just about drinking the brew and getting drunk—it has so much more depth than people realize. Enegren Brewing Company understands this better than anyone else because they are dedicated to creating beers with strong flavors but also in moderation for those who enjoy them responsibly (or at least try their best). At EBC, they celebrate life by brewing quality craft beverages, their goal being nothing less than your content.

Toast the day with your favorite brew! Enegren Brewing Company is here for you. They believe in celebrating life and living fully, so raise that glass high to honor their passion as they toast this special occasion together.

Visit the tasting room at Enegren Brewing Company for an experience like no other. With 12 beers on tap, including their best-selling lager “IPA,” you are sure not to want this opportunity to pass by. Additionally, there are plenty of events throughout all year that make it worth your time and money investment as well.

Enegren Brewing Company is the perfect place to quench your thirst on a hot day. Stop by their brewpub for award-winning lagers or some special release beers hard to find outside Moorpark. You can also get tasting flights that are sure not to disappoint you with 1/2 liters and even fuller pours in true German style from one-liter glasses at EBC.

Go to Enegren Brewing Company for a taste of the exciting things that are happening. Whether you’re looking forward to food trucks and live music or want something more formal like an Oktoberfest celebration, they have it all.

Enegren Brewing Company’s Address: 444 Zachary St #120, Moorpark, CA 93021-2073.

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