Campus Park

The Campus Park neighborhood is one of the suburban Moorpark areas in California. It’s also where you’ll find some great restaurants and shops. This neighborhood offers many benefits with its population density and proximity to local businesses such as grocery stores or gas stations, which are all within walking distance from your new home.

It’s easy being a student here because you’ll never be too far away from anything that matters, whether it’s classes or some fun activity, since this place has everything under one roof-literally.

The median real estate price in this Moorpark neighborhood is $674,879, which makes it more expensive than 45.2% of the neighborhoods across California and 84.8% nationwide. That being said, though, there are still some really nice nearby places to buy property – take my word for it.

The monthly renting cost for an apartment in this part-time community is higher than in most other neighborhoods. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,760 dollars per month which makes it more expensive when compared to 83% percent of neighborhoods throughout the state where renters can expect monthly payments lower than $3K depending on their situation.

Located in the city of Moorpark, Campus Park is a great place for those who want more room than what’s offered by their starter homes. The neighborhood has large houses that come with four bedrooms and plenty going on underneath.

The beautiful and peaceful campus-like setting of the neighborhood is perfect for those looking to live in an environment with plenty of green space. The area offers a variety of homes, from small studios apartments up to five-bedroom houses, making it easy to find/buy your next home.

The current vacancy rate in the Campus Park community is 2% – a lower rate of vacancies than 88.2% of all American neighborhoods – which means that there are fewer available housing units than what’s needed. This also affects property values because supply equals demand when it comes down to buying or renting homes here, thusly making them more expensive as they go unnoticed by potential renters who would otherwise take up one of these empty apartments if prices were lower due solely to their proximity alone.

The Campus Park neighborhood is among the most appealing places to live in America because it has an abundance of row houses and attached homes. 28 percent of residential real estate in this community is classified as such, which makes this area very unique when compared with other neighborhoods across our great nation.

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