California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks

The picturesque California Museum of Art in Thousand Oaks showcases world-class artwork, from ancient Egyptian sculptures to modern-day impressionists.

The California Museum of Art has been a premier destination for those looking to learn about world cultures and heritage since 1960. The museum’s collection includes works from Africa or Asia as well as an impressive number of unknown Western European paintings dating back centuries ago.

The beautiful California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks presents world-class exhibitions to all visitors, highlighting renowned genres like painting and sculpture with music performed live throughout the year as part of its programming.

This picturesque museum is dedicated to providing inspiring art that anyone can enjoy. With renowned exhibitions in painting, photography, and sculpture with music dramas or dance performances throughout the year as part of its programming, you’re sure not to want for more.

CMATO is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an engaging experience that will leave your mind feeling like it’s been spun back through time. The exhibitions they have on display provide just enough context without overwhelming visitors with too much information, allowing people the opportunity not only to see but also touch and discuss artwork from great artists.

CMATO is more than just an art gallery; it’s home to some of Thousand Oaks’ best-known museums. Its various galleries host world-class exhibits, cultural events, and educational programs that engage visitors from all walks of life in this beautiful city.

The California Museum of Art in Thousand Oaks, CA is committed to engaging, educating, and elevating the human spirit through painting. They introduce individuals from all walks of life to unique perspectives on art by showcasing influential artists’ work while providing participatory experiences that allow you have an opportunity for self-expression through your palette or pencils.

The wonderful CMAT is a place where ideas are shared, and people connect. At CMATO, they work every day to provide opportunities that will enrich your life with art, knowledge from the world-class catalogs in our libraries, as well as connections made possible by being part of an exclusive community founded on creativity.

Museums can be amazing resources not just for what they have but also for how you feel after experiencing new things–and this one does not disappoint:)

Join the CMATO family and become a member, volunteer or make an impact through your charitable donation. They offer versatile art exhibitions that educate the community about different cultures around the world, as well as exciting programs for all ages.

CMATO’s Address: The Oaks Mall, 350 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

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