Cabrillo / Teal Club

Cabrillo / Teal Club is a beautiful suburban neighborhood located in Oxnard, California. This coastal area (i.e., it’s on the ocean or bay) has many opportunities for those who live there. The ocean offers residents all that surfing has to offer with its beautiful beaches and powerful waves.

The Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood in Oxnard, California, has a median real estate price of $789K+ – which is more expensive than 58% of all other neighborhoods across California and 89.7% nationwide.

The monthly cost of renting a home in the Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood is currently $3,117. This price point exceeds 68.5 percent of all other neighborhoods across California.

The Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes and townhomes. This area has medium-sized houses, which range from three bedrooms up to five-bedroom models, so there’s something suited just right no matter your needs.

The Cabrillo / Teal Club community is a great place to call home. With so many established but not old houses, you’ll never have trouble finding one that fits your needs.

The nautical feel of Cabrillo / Teal Club is one that many residents love. With its proximity to the water, this neighborhood has plenty for you and your family to enjoy, whether it be fishing or just watching from the shoreline.

The amenities on offer in these coastal places make them very attractive, including beaches with surfboards stuck between two planks; gently rocking boats as they wait out high tide tables – pretty much anything maritime will happen here eventually, so if none do, then try again later because we’ve got lots more where those came from.

The Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood may be the auto enthusiast’s dream come true. With an amazing 35% of households owning four, five, or more cars, this area belongs in a league all its own. That is far higher than found in 96%+ of other American neighborhoods.

The people in the Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood are some of the wealthiest in America, making it one of the 15% highest income areas. It has an average annual household median earnings that place this Oxnard area 92% higher than most other neighborhoods across our great country.

The Cabrillo / Teal Club neighborhood is home to 31.3% of the working population who are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations–the second most important occupational group here is sales & service jobs which account for 23%. People living within this area tend towards jobs such as those found at major corporations, or large businesses where they may be responsible not only for their own work but also for task-organized teams across various departments based on need rather than nationality like some other cities do it.

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