Big Sky Park

The Big Sky Park is a public recreational park that consists of several playgrounds and sports complexes. It’s perfect for kids who love playing outdoors or just need some time away from the screens.

Big Sky Park is the perfect place for families to enjoy an evening together. There are a lot of amazing and fun things that can be done at this public park, including four lighted softball diamonds where the Simi Valley Girls Softball plays their home games. With two shaded bleachers per field and ample seating areas in bullpens or on stands overlooking each diamond, there are plenty of places near all the fields where you’ll want your kids to play while you’re off exploring other parts. If they’re not already hooked, then now surely will be after seeing how great these facilities look.

Big Sky Park is the perfect spot for people who want to spend time in a chilled-out environment, away from maddening crowds. The vast Simi Valley and stunning views are only one aspect that makes this park so appealing. With shaded bleachers as well as a concession stand, there’s plenty going on here at all times of day or night. Whether you’re looking forward to an evening game with friends or taking your little ones on a camping trip during impedance week, this place has everything anyone could need.

The Big Sky Park is a spacious playground where children can enjoy playing on slides and swings. There’s also half-court basketball for older kids to get some exercise while they’re having fun. The dog-friendly area has separate spaces on top of the hill so that pet owners who want plenty of room for their four-legged friends have all the freedom in the world.

Big Sky Park is the perfect place to take a break from life for an hour or two. With picnic tables available within this facility, visitors can pack their lunch and enjoy sitting down with family members while still engaging in other activities nearby—like drinking at one of its many fountains.

Big Sky Park is the ideal place to take your family on a picnic around Simi Valley. The grassy fields and ample seating provide plenty of space for everyone while also having several drinking fountains scattered throughout, so you don’t have to go running back into the hot sun or searching high up amongst trees where no one can see.

The scenic views of Big Sky Park are worth a visit even if you’re not looking to go skateboarding, hiking, or biking. The large grassy area offers amazing panoramic vistas that can be enjoyed by people just wanting some time outdoors and fresh air with no distractions near them.

The Park’s address is 2251 Lost Canyons Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93065, United States.

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