Your commercial roofing may not pose much trouble, since it is designed with durable materials that can last decades. Despite this, a few factors, including unpredictable weather and aging, can expose your roofing to damage. However, regularly inspecting your commercial roof can help you spot issues early to avoid major repairs or complete commercial roof replacement. Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your commercial roof.

Standing water on the commercial roof

It is normal to notice standing water on flat commercial roofs after a heavy downpour. However, you should be concerned if you have water sitting on your roof for two or three days. Failing to address this problem may cause frequent leaks, sagging, mold growth, and reduce the
lifespan of your commercial roof. Since the ponding or standing water can compromise your roof’s integrity, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends getting a professional commercial roofing service to examine your roof for possible replacement.

Increasing energy bills 

If your roof is faulty and has spaces, your HVAC system will need to constantly work to replace the lost energy when it allows heat, cool air, and other energy types to escape your building. Since your energy systems are working double-time, you will have to pay more in monthly heating, cooling, or electricity bills. The best solution will be to find a professional commercial roofing contractor that can provide you with high-quality roof replacement and installation to lower your energy bills and save you money.

Cracked commercial roof surface 

Examine your roof for cracks, blisters, or bubbles that suggest trapped moisture. Blistering and cracking occur when pockets of air or moisture are retained between the roof membrane and deck, or between the membrane layers. These are warning signs that may worsen and lead to more significant problems when ignored for a long time. Years of roof heating and cooling accompanied by exposure to wind, sun, and rain can cause your commercial roofing to crack and break.

Damaged flat roof flashing 

Take note of the metal edge feature running along your roof perimeter. Your flat commercial roof is incomplete without this metal flashing designed to prevent leaks from compromising your roofing system. The metal flashing seals joints and other areas that receive a lot of water. Without properly sealed flashing, water can seep into your roof system and result in expensive commercial roofing repairs or replacements. A flat roof replacement can address this problem and prevent costly water damage.

Frequent leakage 

Since it can be challenging to say whether you need roof repairs or replacementimmediately contact a commercial roof service when you notice water breaching your roofing system. Water leakage can go undetected in commercial buildings where the roof’s underside is hidden. So you want to examine your ceilings for mold spots or stains. Additionally, mold or musty odors inside the commercial building may signify a roofing problem that needs immediate attention.  

Your commercial roof needs to do more for your business than shielding you from the elements.

It allows you to save money, cut energy bills, and improve the appearance of your building. So you want to look out for these signs to keep your commercial roof in top shape.

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